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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best Bowl Ever?

Highlights and reaction from Boise State's amazing Fiesta Bowl finish.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Some of our Fiesta Bowl Friends

Home sweet home

We made it home, unscathed and without incident. All in all, the ride home was much more enjoyable than the trip down there. Still, everyone was still in shock over the game. I think the biggest shock is not as much the outcome of the game, but the reaction from the football world. Its just unbelieveable. Once we got home, we spent several hours just talking to friends and family about the game and the trip. Anyways, figured I would post some more pictures from the Fiesta Bowl. GO BRONCOS!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My last post

The bus is on the road, we are heading towards Laughlin/Vegas and will stop to eat... Sometime early morning. The group is strangely subdued on the ride... Very drained...

This will probably be my last post. I have this strange feeling that things will be just fine the whole trip home.

Congratulations Broncos. You have done your fans, city, state, and all the 'little guys' proud. That David and Goliath battle was one hell of a ride!

Cinderella doesn't carry a watch..

If there is one thing to say about this team, I have never seen a team who refuses to not give up. I have never seen a game like that where a team refuses to quit. Unbelieveable!

After that late game interception, you saw a team that didn't give up. I am not sure what kind of win would be better... A dominating win (in which, I am sure the football media would have made up all kinds of excuses for why Oklahoma lost), or, a game where they fought back against incredible odds and hurdles... Hurdles that many, many teams would have given up against.

All in all, this makes all the difficulties we went through in getting here that much more worth it.

After Oklahoma intercepted the ball and scored the go-ahead touch with a minute left in the game, a Sooner fan was holding a sign that said 'Sorry Cinderella, your time is up'. Priceless!

An instant classic!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Stunned Sooner nation

The sooner fans are a little stunned... I really don't know whether they were expecting this... the Bronco fans have been far more vocal than the Sooner fans.

After that last score, and when the clock ran out, the team was all over the field. That last touchdown gave them a huge boost of confidence. Will be interesting to see how much of it comes out in the second half.

Both teams are on the field for warmups

National Anthem

Oh my god....

This is unbelieveable!!!!!!!!


Here's the view of the field from our seats.

Hour 10 minutes and counting

The anxiety is building up. We found the rest of the Sooner fans... Turns out they must not like to tailgate.... Gonna be interesting...

My prediction...

It just keeps getting better

At some point I expected a wave of Sooner fans to show up...

Everyone is having a good time

And the band played on

Marching band is here... Crowd is fired up. We even had some fans get their picture taken in the crowd of BSU fans... This is great!!

New Bronco Friends

Darin & Natalia... Our new Bronco friends from our bus adventure, hanging out and enjoying the pre-game festivities...

Just incredible...

It's just amazing... The number of fans down here for this game would have made for a good hamoe game attendance no long ago.... How far the program has grown is incredible!

Sooner fans, where are you???

Where are the Oklahoma fans??

This is the line to get into the tailgate party. Looks like the BSU fans are well represented.

We've acutally made it

Through all our blood, sweat,tears, 4 bus drivers, broken radiator hose, broken belt, cold shower, no heat and 34 hours of traveling we have finaly made it!


Loading up the bus and heading to the tailgate and game. Seven hours and counting!